Many techniques are applied in metal fabrication, such as cutting, bending, welding and shearing. Through a series of fabrication processes, fabricators are able to reshape raw material to produce various types of products or parts. This transformation not only enriches the usability of metal but also elevates the market value of the original material. 

At AMP, we introduce robotic operators and CNC systems in our metal fabrication services to provide optimal laser cutting, metal bending, robotic welding and CNC solutions to industries in Canada. The standout factor in AMP’s services is that we are an expert-level metal fabrication company that also works with cutting-edge smart technology. The high-quality custom fabrication services we offer help us stand out in the market.

At our facilities, our fabricators apply custom metal solutions in various tasks for a wide range of clients in different industries in Canada and around the world.

As a general rule, metal fabricators serve various industries in Canada that require custom components. These industries include oil & gas, aerospace, construction and utilities. Custom projects span numerous applications like infrastructural pieces, artistic units and machinery items.

At AMP, we recognise that custom metal fabrication is a powerful technology that offers flexibility and precision in metal product distribution to any industry. In this article, we want to share with you just how big an influence the metal fabrication industry has.

Example #1 Projects in the Aerospace Industry

Metal components and exterior frames designed for the aerospace industry require higher strength and durability to support the high speeds and low temperatures that occur during flight. Custom metal fabrication is an ideal solution for aerospace businesses since it distributes any type of metal components with different alloys that are resilient against poor environments during flight. 

Metal fabrication enables the realisation of any streamlined shape requested and records all the data during manufacture, which is crucial information for safety reasons. 

Customised components can be found throughout the structure of a plane. The exterior body is made from aluminium alloy. Magnesium alloys are often used to fabricate components close to the exhaust vent to resist the heat. For military planes, the structure is made primarily from magnesium alloy or steel to resist the heat created during high speed flight. With the help of custom metal fabricators, the aerospace industry obtains metal items with good corrosion resistance properties for atmospheric and outer space crafts.

Projects in the Aerospace Industry

Example #2 Projects in Energy Industries 

Custom fabrication is a good solution for manufacturing various components with high strength and special structures. In the energy industries, people have to deal with unsafe working conditions and significant amounts of machinery work. For industries in Canada and indeed worldwide, custom fabrication assists in the production of walkways, handrail systems and other structures that require more strength and fraction design to ensure safety. Corrosion resistance and grip assistance are common features requested within energy industries. 

Custom metal fabrication can help produce the necessary work pieces with longer and better durability. This is a huge benefit, achieving a better outcome, safer workplace and lower cost. This type of metal fabrication also helps build the correct infrastructure in oil and gas facilities to make extraction possible, regardless of terrains or environments.

In the utilities industries, custom metal parts are fundamental to developing improved designs that are better for generating the energy power we need without high costs for building full-body devices.

Projects in Energy Industries 

Example #3 Projects in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers often use custom metal fabrication as a tool for strengthening structures of innovative facility solutions. Fabrication techniques are used to create different types of finishes of structures in order to maximise safety. Applications of custom metal fabrication are structural steel beams, ladders and trusses. Its flexibility enables clients to form different structures using different compliance methods according to the particular area of the building to withstand hard industrial conditions and ensure the safety of personnel.

Projects in Civil Engineering

Projects in the Housing and Construction Industry

Example #4 Projects in the Automobile Industry

Ever since the first car was introduced to the world, the incredible engineering design has caught everybody's attention. Over hundreds of years, automobiles have evolved into various forms. This all thanks to the support of the metal fabrication industry. Custom metal fabricators assist engineers in moulding and forming various parts of a car, from frame to the streamlined appearance, to result in a unique design that is resilient to damage. Vehicle customisation is now a vital part in brand diversification in the automotive industry

Example #5 Projects in the Housing and Construction Industry

The possibility of applying custom metal fabrication in housing will surprise you. Nowadays, to satisfy the booming population, many different approaches to accelerate the process of house building have been created. Custom metal fabrication is a viable option in building prefabrication houses or units. Other examples include fan housing units, steel emission stacks and metal graphics. Custom metal fabrication provides the construction industry with infrastructural components such as pipework, structural beams and artistic qualities.

Chosen for their capacity, strength and resistance to various types of weather, the metals used in the construction industry serve a wide range of functions. The most common of them are carbon steel, aluminium, copper tubing and stainless steel.

Example #6 Projects in the Shipbuilding Industry

The ability to extend the durability of metal is a vital characteristic of custom metal fabrication in shipbuilding, considering the poor environment during cruising. Almost the entire shipbuilding process involves metal fabrication, from the construction of stairs, platforms and hulls to the body and the external look of the ship. In some cases in Toronto, the metal fabrication industry also helps with the maintenance and repair of commercial and military ships. Deck coaming, deck drains, masts and anchor doubler plates are also items that are custom created .

Projects in the Shipbuilding Industry

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What are CNC Services?

CNC (computer numerical controlled) services refers to the metal processing technology that applies computer programming. The CNC system can transform the 3D CAD model or code into the blueprint of your metal work. After setting the stage, CNC shapes the flat or plate metal according to your design with high speed cutting tools.

What is the Process of Forming Metals?

There are several options fabricators use in metal processing, such as roll forming, press braking and casting. The process of forming metals includes examining the design plan, choosing the processing method/material and execution. At AMP, we introduce automated solutions to accelerate the process and its final quality for various metal needs in various industries in Canada and beyond.

If you’re interested in learning more about what automated metal processing services AMP offers, check out our previous post about our four types of metal fabrication and find out more.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Custom metal fabrication plays an important role in many different industries. It helps to make visions come true by providing customised, professional and quality products. It fills the gap that exists within off-the-shelf products.
  2. Custom metal fabricators create components for different industries. The application of this technology not only results in high efficiency and accuracy, but also helps create structures with better strength and durability, preventing the damage caused by corrosion or poor industrial conditions.
  3. With the application of automated metal processing technology, custom metal fabrication is faster, more efficient and more detail-orientated. The change in technology also allows for production on smaller scales.

Are you looking for a reliable, high quality metal fabrication partner for your projects within aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing or civil engineering? If so, AMP Metal solutions are as reliable and durable as it gets. Contact us today and learn more about our work through a consultation with our skilled experts.

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