High precision

Laser cutters do not "cut" material per se, but melt it, which means no burning. They also cause significantly less variation. Given all these benefits, laser cutters are the perfect means of handling plate and tube metal materials.



Most likely the most significant advantage of laser cutting is the fact that the whole operation is controlled by CNC. The machine is given an order in the form of code that is subsequently executed. If every part of the code addresses the correct part of the process, the cutting can be completed with little to no deviation and significantly fewer defects. The combination of these aspects leads to greater efficiency and increased productivity.


We can cut all types of metal and offer:

  • Consistency and repeatability
  • Exceptional detailing
  • Ability to cut complex shapes with incredible accuracy
  • Superior edge finish
  • Fast and efficient, extremely cost-effective products and service
  • Tabbing and slotting, engineered part design support

In addition, laser technology is ideally suited for cutting high carbon or abrasion resistant steel. In fact, where shearing or machining hard metals can present challenges, laser cutting can often produce such a clean finish that secondary machining operations are not required.



Wondering if our laser cutting machines can handle your job? AMP has the most advanced, modern laser cutting machine in Western Canada.

  • Trumpf TruLaser (5,000 watts) - cuts mild steel to 1” thick, stainless steel to 3/4" thick and aluminum to 1/2” thick
  • Amada (4,000 watts) - cuts mild steel to 1” thick, stainless steel to 3/8” thick (no aluminum) and has tube cutting capabilities
  • Sheet metal up to 5’ x 10’ in size (for both machines)
  • General tolerances are 0.004” to ½”; 1/2" thick and above; 0.008” as a guide
  • Capabilities of tabbing, slotting and more
  • Touch screen control panel with graphic user interface allows us to program your specifications to high-tolerance accuracies

Pair this technology with an experienced staff member who’s dedicated to customer service and you’ve found your laser cutting partner. Keep in mind that we can use your drawings or our engineers can work with you to provide design and drafting expertise and guidance. Send us your specifications and we’ll send you a quote.

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