CNC and advanced bending technology deliver a better product

CNC laser cutting offers many advantages over other means of cutting. It is accurate, leaving extremely small or no deviation. It provides high repeatability and flexibility. The machine is able to make as many cuts as possible without changing tools. Furthermore, CNC laser cutting is a great choice financially in the long run. The machines are becoming more energy-efficient and, since CNC is automated, it also requires less labour.

In our shop, the benefits of computer-aided machining include improved accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and safety. This translates into:

  • Higher quality product
  • Faster outputs
  • Less waste
  • And ultimately – cost savings

As a CNC service provider, AMP offers CNC and bending (with our press brake). As far as laser cutting goes, we are able to process material with parameters of 5x10 feet. The thickness of material we can operate with differs based on material:

  • steel - 1.25"
  • stainless - 0.750"
  • aluminum - 0.500"

For the CNC brake press bending, we work with a maximum of 10 foot bend width and press of 240 tons. The CNC control is able to execute a variety of complex bends.

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