CNC (computer numerically controlled) laser cutting is a production operation carried out by laser cutting machines that can cut and process a variety of materials. CNC machines are controlled by an input that is executed via code or CAD software. Designs programmed into the CNC machine signals the router to cut or carve material with precision while the computer controls the exact velocity and positioning. So a CNC run machine is also able to convert 3D CAD design into a CAM model that can be executed right away without the need to write any code. This translates to several advantages for users looking to eliminate any time-consuming complicated processes while still getting improved accuracy and repeatability. The development of laser CNC automation further enhances the value of CNC laser cutting in today’s era of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

In essence, when considering the right means to tackle projects that involve metal sheets, it has become even more crucial in today’s competitive environment to choose the right equipment and approach. And for a majority of these projects, CNC laser cutting is the best choice for many reasons. Let's look at some of these reasons in more detail below.
CNC Laser Cutting Services Will Improve the Efficiency and Speed of Your Metal Work


1. Improved efficiency and speed

Handling and cutting materials manually would require a lot of labour and time, unlike working with laser cutters, which can cut through materials with a speed in a range from 20 to 70 inches. 

The exact speed is determined by various factors such as tolerance and intricacy. The speed can be increased even more by incorporating multiple laser heads or having multiple lasers working at the same time. Unlike operators, laser cutters don’t take breaks and can work non-stop or overnight unattended when programmed correctly. All of these factors contribute to enhanced efficiency and higher speeds of processing. 

2. High Precision

Laser cutters do not “cut” the material per se, but melt, which means no burning. They are able to create sharp or smooth edges and curves while being precise. They also leave significantly less variation. Given all the benefits above, laser cutters provide a perfect means of cutting plate & tube metal materials.

3. Decreased Costs

In comparison to other cutting techniques, laser cutting is very cost effective. All the applications can be run autonomously without any human supervision which lowers the costs for labor. Furthermore, since no actual cutters are involved, there is no material to get worn or dull. This means no changeovers of tools during the cutting process and minimal interruptions. 

4. Automation

Most likely the most significant advantage of laser cutting is the fact that the whole operation is controlled by CNC controls. The machine is given an order in the form of code that is subsequently executed. If every part of the code addresses the correct part of the process, the cutting can be completed with little to no deviation and significantly less defects. The combination of these aspects lead to greater efficiency and higher productivity.

5. High Versatility 

CNC laser cutters represent a great fit for metal sheet fabrication. They provide lowered costs, easily programmable cutting and various speed ranges. Laser cutters are used on a variety of metals which makes them the best choice for sheet metal fabrication. They can handle tight tolerances, make less or no deviations and decrease the occurrence of defects, making them a great choice for a wide spectrum of projects. Laser cutters are the fastest option for sheet metal fabrications. 

Research Available Equipment Options Before Choosing CNC Laser Cutting Services


As a high-precision laser CNC machine therefore, the laser CNC cutting machine is bound to keep pace with technology and the fourth industrial revolution. This is made possible by the development of laser CNC automation. The CNC laser cutting option is worth considering for its inherent as well as indirect benefits in any metal fabrication project. As choosing the wrong means to tackle projects that involve metal sheets can be very costly and may lead to a lot of time wastage, our highly experienced staff at AMP metal is ready to assist you to take the first step. 

Key Takeaways

It is very important to research the options available before choosing the right equipment for your metal sheet fabrication. CNC laser cutting offers many advantages over other means of cutting. It is accurate, leaving extremely small or no deviation. Furthermore, CNC laser cutting is a great choice financially in the long run because the machines are becoming more energy-efficient and since CNC is automated, it also requires less labour.

AMP Metal provides the needed expertise when it comes to sheet metal fabrication. With our team of experts and years of experience, we offer the best solutions to our customers. Our CNC cutting laser services will ensure that you have less material waste and a higher quality product overall. We are ready to assist you to make huge cost savings while churning out products a lot faster. 

Learn more about our state-of-the-art equipment and our commitment to the highest quality products and service. Contact us today for a quote. 

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