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At AMP, automated welding complements our laser cutting services. Start by sending us a quote request with your project specifications and we’ll follow up with a competitive price. We can take your drawings from metal supply to laser cutting through metal bending and/or CNC processes. Then we’ll deliver the finished product to your door.

In the production environment, the robotic welding systems are often employed within a whole robotized system which is represented by manipulators and a robotic welding system.

Advantages of robotic welding

Time-saving - Certain applications, such as moving the welding torch from one seam to another within one workplace, take less time than other welding techniques, which gives robotic welding a significant advantage.

Conserving Materials - Human error is part of any manual welding application. However, with robotic welding systems, everything is regulated, including power and wire. The systems conserve energy by running consistently, avoiding any unnecessary start-ups. Furthermore, the welds that are formed are more consistent. The accuracy of robotic systems results in less wasted material and time.

Enhanced Efficiency - A robot does not require a break between shifts, does not take any vacations, and can operate on a 24-hour shift. Longer working hours and quicker speeds allow robotic welding systems to complete their projects with higher output efficiency.

Need a better quality weld?

  • Does your project require flexibility and precision that a robotic arm can offer in hard-to-reach spots?
  • Is your project so complex that robotic welding just makes sense?

We look forward to setting a new standard for your metal fabrication projects.

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