Sheet metal bending

We offer the best sheet metal bending in the industry. Our CNC press brake takes the pieces we laser cut and precision-bends them for your assembly. The primary advantage of the CNC press brake is the accuracy and quality of bends it can perform. After many years of experience in the metal bending industry, we can confidently say that we offer one of the best sheet metal bending-related services in the industry. We are able to provide our customers with laser cutting and metal bending thanks to our CNC press brake.

When it comes to metal bending, there can be no compromise.

The bend in the metal that will be used to construct a large piece of machinery must be extremely precise, or it won’t fit. We understand that the bend in the metal that will be used to construct a large piece of machinery must be extremely precise or it won't fit. The brake press that meets our high standards for quality metal bending is the Durma AD-S.

The press brakes in Durma's AD-S series provide unlimited possibilities, features and quicker setups compared to its competition. A major benefit of Durma's AD-S press brake is its wide assortment of material handling accessories and back gauge configurations which enable the Durma to produce parts more effectively while maintaining high quality.

Precision press brake services for metal bending

The Durma press brake offers uncompromising precision and reliability. The 17” high resolution DA-Touch graphical control unit ensures the highest level of efficiency in programming, operation and control. Specifically, this impressive plate bending machine offers:

  • Stage or progressive metal bending
  • Slight bends to deep sectioned 4-sided boxes
  • Capabilities of sheering, punching, coining, embossing, flanging, dimpling, etc.
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection for improved efficiencies
  • Controller 3D visualization for enhanced accuracy
  • 3D file import
  • Feasibility studies and production prep saves you time and money

It also comes with a set of a standard equipment:

  • Large Stroke-Daylight-Throat
  • Y1,Y2 Ram Positioning
  • Delem DA 66 or Cybelec DNC 880S 2D Control
  • Euro/American Style Punch Clamp
  • X/R AC Servo Back Gauge
  • Easy Glide Front Sheet Support Arms
  • Automatic Table Crowning
  • Rear Work Light
  • Side and Rear Safety Doors

Feasibility studies and production prep saves you time and money.

All of this saves you money!In addition, this advanced sheet metal bending technology can conduct feasibility studies and production prep to tell us how to turn out the best possible product for your project. If you are interested in implementing this technology into your production, don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss specifications and pricing. Our experts are available to help you figure out which solution would be the best fit for your needs.

We at AMP Metal specialize in CNC technology. Have a look at our CNC page, if you are interested in our expertise in CNC or you are interested in implementation for your shop.

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