At Automated Metal Processing (AMP), our plate and 2D tube metal laser cutting services offer benefits supported by highly advanced technology available today, ensuring that precision, quality, and successful outcomes are achieved in every metal fabrication project we undertake. Whether you’re in need of laser cutting services for elementary gaskets, complex components in industrial applications, or exceptionally detailed custom works, our crew guarantees a systematically ideal service to cut complex shapes with incredible accuracy.

Plate LASER cutting

Shim stock cutting is a highly precise laser-cutting technique used to create intricate shapes and adjust alignments on thin sheets of metal. This technology, which has found widespread use in a variety of sectors, enables incredibly accurate adjustments that provide the ultimate level of precision.

2D Tube LASER Cutting

2D tube laser cutting is a precise, efficient way to cut and shape hollow metal tubes or HSS. This highly versatile method has become an essential tool in industries like construction, architecture, and furniture design; producing accurate cuts with smooth edges while maintaining the structural integrity of the material.

Laser cutting technology assists engineers, producers and other creators by providing the best balance of quality, economics and lead-time .

Our state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment (even with automatic material intake) helps AMP distribute tolerant, smooth, detailed, and durable metal items and components. Even more, the benefits of laser cutting compared with conventional tactics are overwhelming.


With our combination of competitive pricing, short lead times, and top-notch quality, we're the go-to choice for anyone looking for reliable laser cutting services.

Available materials for laser cutting

With our fiber optic laser cutter that has the capability to cut through material up to 5 x 10 feet in size, it allows us to deliver at a faster pace without sacrificing the quality of cuts.



Thickness up to 1.25”

Galvanized Steel

Thickness up to .134”


Thickness up to 1”

Stainless Steel

Thickness up to 1”


Thickness up to 0.500”


Thickness up to 0.375”


material of up to ½” in thickness


material of ½” and more in thickness


maximum MATERIAL size: 5' x 10'

Overall, our metal laser cutting service offers an array of advantages from superior precision and accuracy. It also provides many capabilities from shim stock cutting, 2D tube and HSS cutting, satin coat sheet cutting, all the way up to cutting of materials with maximum sizes of 5 x 10 feet

laser cutting service AMP

our simple ordering process


Draw a contour and outline of the part/item you need digitally and save it in a suitable file format, preferably in the DFX format.


Use our request a quote form to upload the digital file. Fill out the rest of the information about yourself, your delivery address, and the project requirements and submit the form.


Receive a fast price quote for your specific project and confirm the order.


Standby for the delivery and receive your order!

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At AMP, our top-skilled experts and cutting-edge computer aid systems guarantee high-caliber metal cutting for any industry.


What is metal laser cutting service?

Metal laser cutting service is the latest, most cost-effective and accessible thermal cutting technology in the sphere of precision metal fabrication. As indicated by the word ‘laser’, this metal processing procedure projects a beam of light at a high temperature and uses its melting capacities to cut through metal sheets in different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized, copper and brass. The Heat-Affected Zone (HAZ) is reduced compared to flame or plasma cutting. In most instances lasers will cut a hole to-size that can be tapped or threaded without wearing your taps excessively.

What materials can be cut using laser cutting?

The materials that can be cut using laser cutting include carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass. Make sure to check out our list of available materials and the corresponding thicknesses we are able work with.

what size and thickness are you able to cut?

AMP's metal laser cutting service offers highly accurate and intricate cuts with unparalleled precision and accuracy. We use a fiber optic laser cutter that has the capability to cut through material up to 5 x 10 feet in size, and can cut through a variety of materials with different thicknesses. We also provide general tolerances of 0.004” to material of up to ½” in thickness, tolerances of 0.008” to material of ½” and more in thickness (as a guide), and capabilities of tabbing, slotting, and more.

What are the benefits of laser cutting for precision metal fabrication?

The benefits of laser cutting for precision metal fabrication include excellent metalwork stability, the ability to handle projects of any degree of complexity, micron tolerances and flexibility in handling contours, and no damage or material warping, even to thin sheets. Additionally, laser cutting offers high precision, fast cutting speed, low heat affected zone, high beam quality, flexibility, and eco-friendliness.

What is the ordering process for AMP's metal laser cutting service?

To order AMP's metal laser cutting service, you need to draw a contour and outline of the part/item you need, save it in a suitable file format, use our request a quote form to upload and send us the digital file, contact them to discuss project requirements, receive a price quote for the specific project, make the order, standby for delivery, and then receive the order.

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